Show to users their password


I’m building a web-app where users will login, and in the setting page of my web app I want to let the users change their current password, and I would like to do like the setting page of hostinger, and display the current password of the user just like hostinger with the dots that are the length of the password.

Do someone know if it’s possible to do it? and how?


ps:Is it possible to show the actual password without the dots? Just by curiosity even though I know it’s not the best for security

Hi @etaqio


Just use a simple text element with 8 * characters for this - doesn’t really matter if it’s not the same length as the user’s password. I assume you just want to do this for UI purposes?


Yeah exactly, but you are right It doesn’t really matter, I wanted to know how far we can go with the passwords in bubble

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