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In my database I have the DoB of all my users. I want to show the upcoming Birtday in a text element (firstname of the user). I tried serval things, but can’t get this working. I strugling to remove the years in the filter. What is the best way to do this?


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The search expression is correct. You get the date of birth. Then you need to add to the expression the operator “:extract” and then choose “day”. The expression will return the day number.

Then you will need to add the same expression and extract month. But you will also get the month number. If you want instead of month number get the month name than you need another expression for the month:

  1. create an option set “OS Month” with the attributes: Display - for month name, and Month Number (type number) - for month number.
  2. the expression for month will be like this: get option OS Month → all options → filtered → Month Number = [here you add the expression where you extract month from the DoB] → first item → Display.
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