Show user input of a specific video


I created a form on one page to collect users’ feedback on a video. I am trying to connect the feedback submitted on the first page to a different page. I’d like the feedback on the specific video that is clicked to show but I just get all the feedback submitted by all users.

Please note the video I want the feedback to reference is sourced from a parameter.

Hope this makes sense!

It sounds like multiple users can provide feedback on a specific video but that you want to show only a specific user’s feedback for the video. If that’s the case, you’ll need to query/filter the feedback by user (whether that’s the Current User or some other user who’s been somehow “selected” through the UI).

Instead of showing only a specific user’s feedback - I want to show all feedback of a specific video.

So, by this…

…you mean you’re getting all feedback by all users for all videos?

Is that’s the case, and if by this…

…you mean you want feedback by all users for just one video, then you need to query/filter by video.

It’s hard to say exactly how to do it without knowing how your data is structured, but you basically need to constrain the feedback results by video.

Yes, that’s correct! I am having trouble because the video I am trying to query is sourced by a parameter (I’m not sure if this is why I cannot set up a constraint).

I don’t understand the constraint depicted. The unique id of a Feedback identifies a specific Feedback instance. I don’t see how that constraint could return the results you’re wanting.

It would be helpful to see a screenshot of your Feedback type - i.e. the fields it contains.

Yeah, sure - Please see below. I am trying anything I can think of to get this to work.

Have you tried using VIDEOID in the constraint instead of unique id?

What would I set it equal to ?

Current Page AuditionVideos I would think.

This is what happens when I do that

2 things:

  • Just click the Close button on the Search for panel (after removing the “Video” at the end).
  • Why are you displaying a list in a Text element? Why not a RG?


The constraint expression should simply read VIDEOID = Current Page AuditionVideos. I don’t think you want/need the “Video” reference at the end.

Okay, I removed the “Video” from the end and also included RG input instead. Which field is most appropriate now?

You should probably set the Type of content for the page to AuditionVideos.

I think you’d benefit from reading (or re-reading) the documentation on how to display data. It’s quite fundamental to working with Bubble.


One final note… I’d recommend naming your data types in the singular (instead of plural) - e.g. AuditionVideo instead of AuditionVideos. That results in Bubble expressions making more sense and being more readable most of the time.

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What if it’s already set as AuditionVideos?

If the page content type is defined, then (conceptually) it’s just a matter of passing data of that type to the page. Again, the documentation should be helpful.

Thank you, I think the issue is that the videoID is not linked to the referenced video. Not sure how to do that but will wait for additional feedback from the community - Thanks for your help.