Show weekly arrivals in dashboard

Hello guys!

I’m making an app to follow-up shipments.
I have below RG in my dashboard.

Currently it’s showing all the entries in the database. How can i show entries only belong to the particular week? In fact i need to show shipments which scheduled to arrive instead of arrived.

Example: today is 25-JUN-2020 and the last day of this week is 28-JUN-2020
*Arriving this week RG should show shipments up to 28-JUN-2020 and not before 25-JUN-2020.
*Arriving next week RG should show shipments from 29-JUN-2020 to 05-JUL-2020.

The dashboard should be update automatically day by day (I mean this is not a one time thing that i want to show on my dashboard). How can I achieve this?

Hope someone can understand my requirement & please help me on this.
Here is the link to my app.

I was able to achieve it with this plugin:

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