[Showcase] Entrylog.io - Keep Users Updated and Engaged

Hi everyone,
I am very excited to showcase what I have been working on for the past months.

Entrylog helps businesses to collect features ideas from their users, show implemented features (changelog) and display upcoming features (roadmap). By involving your users in new features ensures a strong increase in user engagement. All this and more in a nicely designed page that is fully customizable.

I am very curious what you think of this, and will really appreciate it if you leave some feedback.
You can sign up for a free trail, no creditcard required! :slight_smile:

Visit Entrylog (100% made with Bubble) here: https://entrylog.io


Incredible design and solid idea. Who are your competitors?

I think Bubble should become you’re client :smiley:


How have you created a unique page for the company? Do you use the URL Router plugin? I’m looking for the same solution for a SaaS I’m building.

This is awesome. Very good design and concept! Showcase worthy? @neerja

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@steven.junio91 Noted :slight_smile:

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In the section that says, “Made for SaaS services like…” you show the logos of a handful of well-known companies. Are they customers? Do you integrate with them? I’d urge you to be clear about what those logos mean. Aside from that, the design is slick! Well done

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Wow, great design!

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Hi, thanks for your feedback! We think that nowadays a saas company will only survive if you are very transparent and honest with your customers. Trust is very important. We therefore find it very good to hear whether there is any lack of clarity.

To be clear, these saas companies should set an example as to which companies can use a service such as Entrylog. We have therefore chosen many different saas companies to show a broad spectrum as possible. These companies are therefore not Entrlyog customers. To prevent confusion, I will indicate this more clearly in the next update! When this update is live I will notify you. Thanks again for your feedback!

I think that Canny and Announcekit would be my competitors. But these services do not offer all the options that I also offer. That’s why I think I’m a little bit unique. :grinning:

Let me explain:

I did not use the URL Router plugin. I created a page called ‘u’. Next when this page is loaded I do a search for ‘apps’. I include in the search: ‘app id’ = ‘get path from url’. So, when ‘u’ is loaded and get path from page url is not empty, the data from the app that is found will shown up on the page. To set a ‘app id’ we will make sure that the ‘app id’ (lowercase) does not already exist to make it unique. When this is set I can load the page like: Entrylog.io/u/appid. Let me know if you succeeded! (:


It would be an honor for me to be featured on the ‘showcase’ tab. If you would like Entrylog there, just send a PM! (:

You should offer Bubble a free plan and let them use with us :wink:

Just signed up. What a great app! I will use for my App and beta test users.
Love it the flow of the process and design.

Great job & Good luck!

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Looks Great! A word of warning though you need to take off the comment “Made for SaaS services like” with prominent brands, you are going to get yourself in a whole lot of trouble! Unless you have explicit permission form those brands?

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@Thimo Fantastic job! Just signed up, and am loving the layout. What’re you using for the loading animations? :slight_smile:

As for feedback: Testing the responsiveness, it seems there aren’t any navigation options when on a mobile device such as an iPhone X.

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Looks fantastic! I have built a customer support suite similar to Intercom and at the moment I’m building up our app store integrations. Would be very interested in offering Entrylog as an available app. PM me and we can chat more :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback! The loading animations are pure CSS code. We did this so we can dynamically change the color. We used a HTML element and added CSS code between the “style“ tags.

On your phone you can navigate back using the back button in your browser. We will add some back buttons in the next update!

Thank you!

Some quick updates:

I made some design improvements on the ‘overview’ and ‘admin’ pages, hope you like it!
I also got some feedback over on Indiehackers to improve the message of my landing page. I think it’s now more clear what Entrylog is about.

@StevenM @andrewgassen I have removed that section from the landing page! :slight_smile:

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Dang it.
I think i’m going to have to try this out. Looks awesome. :slight_smile:

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This app looks awesome, really clean and professional looking UI. Great job.

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