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Showing a group

Hi everyone.

Curiose can I show a hidden group after a user reaches a certain amount of QR scans per week.
eg. ONLY show ‘Group’ if User scans 25 QR codes or more for 3 consecutive weeks?

any ideas on how I could achieve this?

How about creating a field called “count” and adding +1 to it each time it is read?

Set the when to “when the count reaches 25 or more” and add the workflow to the element show.

thats how it set up atm but Im unsure if this is will work because if they don’t get 25 scans in row out of 1 of those those 3 weeks I dont think it will know with this set up. im not sure or will it work?

I see.

Now let’s use the schedule api work flow.

  1. Create the data field “weekcount”.
  2. in the workflow when the QR is read

workflow1 count+1
workflow2 showelements
When count >24 and weekcount is not empty.

  1. schedule APi workflow (weekly)

workflow1 weekcount+1
when weekcount<3 and weekcount is not empty

workflow2 delete count

workflow3 delete weekcount
when weekcount>3

How about something like this?

(You need to add 0 to the weekcount when you start counting 3 weeks.)

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