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Showing a picture from DB

Hi guys,

I am creating a website where a user can share info about trips.There is a search bar to find trips based on criterias

When the search is done, you land on a new page showing a selection of trips only by a picture+title. (the trips are of course already in the DB).

My problem is:

How to show those specific trips’pictures based on the person’s search?

This is what I have done:

In the custom data types:

Trips <-- here there are different fields including a field called “picture” with field type “list of Trip Images”
Trip Images <-- here I have 2 fields : “title"and “image”
User <-- here there are different fields including a field called " my search” with field type “Search”
Search <-- here there are differente fields such as budget, type of trip etc.

What workflows have you got in place?

You would probably need a repeating group within a repeating group to show all the images for a trip.

An alternative would be to use the :firstitem function to show just one then expand it out on click.


That is my question how can I get a workflow on this.

I’d like users to see a list of trips by their main picture.