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Showing a Repeating Group of Related Things

Hey there,

I’m building a festival app. I’ve got a list of ‘Artists’, with a field of ‘Genres’, which is a list.

I want to show related artists group, which searches by common genres.

So far I can get it to show Artists where

Genres contains Current Page Artist’s Genre: random item

But I was wondering if it could search against all matching, so you’re given the most relevant results, rather than just searching against one random item in the list.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey Emma,

Could you take some screenshot’s of what you have currently. I think I understand what you’re looking to do?

What you could do (based on my understanding) is retrieve the full list of artists then filter the results by a constraint “contains Genre X”, then take the filtered list, and filter again by “containing Genre Y” then filter again by “containing Genre Z”

This would return a list of artists, who’s genre contains all genres X, Y and Z, and you can do this however many times you need to

Is that what you were looking for?