Showing cells of a repeating group only when nested api call returns

Hi there!

I am currently calling an api within every cell of a repeating group to fetch images (I don’t have this data) and the user experience isn’t great - it shows the empty group until the image loads in every cell. I am currently using a full screen loader to mitigate.

Is there a more elegant solution here? I was thinking about somehow only showing the cells that are “ready” somehow (one by one) for instance?

Thanks in advance!

You can have a mockup of the shape of the image before it loads - similar to how Facebook or Quora show a super low res version of the UI while it loads. You can do this by simply assigning a gray background color to the containing group if the image hasn’t loaded yet.

It tries to makes sure that your UI doesn’t look terrible if things haven’t loaded

Does that help?

Thanks for the reply! That’s what I’m currently doing but I was wondering if I could somehow only show the full cell once the image is loaded.

Maybe put the contents of a cell in a group and then add a conditional visibility on the group based on whether the cell’s image is loaded?

I just tried this with the “is visible” condition and it hid all the cells in the repeating group indefinitely for some reason.

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