Showing charts for x number of days


I have two charts in my solution where I display data for the current month and one for the current week.

I have solved this with current date/time: rounded down to week + days: 1 and current date/time: rounded down to month + days: 1.

On the chart that shows the week, I want it to always display 7 columns, even if today, for example, is only Monday and therefore only shows today’s data.

The same applies to my monthly chart; I want it always to display all the days in the month, regardless of where in the month we are.

How can I solve this?

Which chart plugin are you using?
Could you share the expression you’re using to populate that chart?

I am using the one called “Chart Element”

I have another issue as well. I can only sum on “ID” in the aggregation and can’t choose any of my other fields in the database.

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