Showing data from a repeating group on a different page

Hi everyone.
I have a project page with an RG showing a list of units. Each item has a link icon which redirects to a new unit page. In order to view another unit’s detail I need to go back to the projects page and select another one.

Ideally I would like a dropdown with all the units (or a search box) that shows a new unit without going to the project page.

Is it possible to achieve this, any pointer would help, thanks


Yes. Just perform a Serch for (in you dropdown or in your search box) in your units, excluding the unit that the user is in.

Something like this…

Search For Units <> Current Page's Unit

Hi, thanks for the reply. For some reason I am not able to enter the <> syntax. I am able to show all the units in the dropdown, but I am struggling with the workflow to pull the detail data from the other page.

Ok, so for anyone else struggling with this, it is super easy (…finally). The action on the “when this DPN value changes changes” is “navigate to page and send value from the DPN”. Thanks tthis post for the help.