Showing details to users upon payment

Our prospects come to a specific page that has basic information for available opportunities, such as the opportunity title, state, etc., along with more detail information that is hidden.

To unlock the hidden details, they are required to create a user account, and select a plan (single opportunity, monthly, annual) and pay.

I know I can change the state of the page (to show the details) based on if the user is logged in, but how can I change the state after they pay?

And, is there a way to attach the opportunity number to their payment (for including on a receipt later)?

I suppose you want to enable Stripe for the checkout. The payment status is returned via Stripe plugin: payment successful or not. This response is available as a datasource in the workflow action.

Hi Greg,

Have you been able to figure out the solution to this?

I am currently trying to create a page where partial data is made visible (which is only accessible after logging in), but they can pay a one-time payment to reveal more data on the same page.

I am able to open the payment from Stripe in a pop-up, but I am not sure how to reveal the data on the same page once the payment has gone through.

Any pointers on how I can do this would be very helpful.