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Showing files attached to different properties

Hi there,

Wondering if someone could clear this up for me. On a high level, users can create different sites and then from a page called prop_files, the user can upload files that are then attached to the specific property.

This is all fine, as the upload works, attachs the file via the UID to the property as shown below.

What I can see to get work is actually displaying those files via a repeating group. Of course, I only want to show the files with the UID of the property in question.

Any help would be much appreciated.

In the data source of the repeating group you may search for sites with constraint that attached to = the UID of the property in question.
in the repeating group put image element to display the file


Thanks for the suggestion.Do you simply mean type “attached to =” as it does not present its self drop down option?

Hi there @salemmo409 ,

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: