Showing folders in which image appears

Hi everyone,

I have two data types “block” and “folder” that allows users to create posts (blocks) and save them to a folder in order to separate the content. The system allows users to save each others blocks to their own folders, similar to Pinterest.

Currently the setup works by adding a blocks unique id to a folder containing a list of blocks. So far everything is working fine, however, on the block page I would like to display a list of all folders that contains current pages block, which I simply can’t seem to figure out how to do.

I’ve tried multiple data sources with various constraints (search for, current pages block, etc.) but nothing seems to work. Could anyone help me out?

Unfortunately, I can’t take any screenshots at the moment - will update later.

Thank you all

Check privacy rules…

Side note: don’t save UID of blocks; use block itself and probably not as a list of things.