Showing google signup in popup instead of a tab

hi guys how i can show google signup in popup instead of a tab …when i click on social signup button show open google 0auth page in popup but not in tab.
plese guide me

Are you using a workflow to open an external website?

Hi @karan_trivedi248
Did you find any solution ?

I noticed most of the OAuth pages are redirecting to new tabs these days :thinking:
I don’t know why but maybe security issue?
For example “Stripe checkout Version 2” was in popup & “Version 3” was in new tab…

No brother. i am still figuring it out

No i am not using it. i am just login/signup using google which forces a reload of a page

Are there any workflows associated or is it just built into a plugin login button or something?

its a a normal button that triggers google auth but it reloads the page and redirects to gmail page…all i want to show that authentication page in popup but not to redirect the page

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