Showing IP Address

So I need help making my app show them their ip and tell them that their ip is being logged or something. Is there a way to do it because I need it so users don’t make multiple accounts.

When i was experimenting with ip recording before it was very hacky,
iirc, I had to use an input or state to store the api value.

What if your users share vpn, like opera tunnel bear etc.
Its impossible really to block someone from making another account or even block ip.
You can only really block isp. Let your users be free to make multiple accounts.

The reason I want to block people’s ip addresses because when they are banned they can’t make a alt account.

Just to put this in here, we can people all the time on this forum by blocking their IP address, but it’s super easy to get around. It’s a losing battle if that’s your intention.

so there is no way to block people from using vpns on my app?

nope ,

I wish that there was a way to do it

why, whats wrong with making multiple accounts?
there are other ways to go about this, you could have a verification process like banks do.
Require photo id or something.

Well because when I ban somebody I want there to be a way that they can’t make another account when they are banned.

ipiphy is not on the plugins list and I did try IP Geo and IP address lookup but it won’t work.

ipiphy is still available.

I looked on and searched for it and it’s not showing.

Yeah searching for some reason only searches the ones that are loaded.

If you keep scrolling down, you’ll find it :slight_smile:

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