Showing marker on map using data from xano

Xano requires Lat/long points and bubble want geographic location (address).

How do i take lat/long from xano and get location to then display in bubble?

Hello @JohnT :wave:
You can use calculate formula which converts any latitude & longitude to address.


umm, any help?

Screenshot (197)

@JohnT What does the error says?
Normally it is expecting a number in latitude & longitude

Where would i see the “error”

The data from the api is a lat & lng

@JohnT On the top right side of the bubble editor
Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 18.19.00
Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 18.19.06

claims its empty.

It is indeed not empty, i have address points that i ran and it clearly shows points

@JohnT if bubble editor is saying its empty means it is not initialized or its empty
Can you share a pic of errors? (i think its a list of numbers)

I don’t think this works with a list of data, only with a single marker

@JohnT Yes it works with single marker It converts only 1 single address

I need List of markers

@JohnT Well i am not sure
How to do that :pleading_face:

Maybe @adamhholmes @mikeloc @sam.morgan @Jici can help (They are experts it’s better to tag them :wink: )

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I have an API that converts the coordinates into an address incase that helps

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