Showing multiple files on a page

I’m using the multi-file plugin to allow users to upload multiple files. I had no issue setting up a repeating group to display the files on that same page.

But now I need to show the files on a separate (automatically created) page. All other data/things are showing correctly.

I’ve set the repeating group’s type of content to File and chose the current page [table name]'s files, but it is red (and asking for more variables, such as is empty, not empty, etc). I also tried changing the group’s type to the table name and selecting the same current page [table name]'s files, and it’s still coming back red.

Any ideas?

Also, once I do get them to display, does anyone know how the files can be downloaded? Truthfully, I haven’t looked into this yet, but maybe you could save me time.

To “automatically create pages” you need to set the page’s type of content to something.

File is not a selectable item. So, what you could do is:

  1. create a DB Thing (I’ll call it file-page) with a field of the type file.
  2. for every file that your user uploads, it creates a new file-page with the uploaded file path.
  3. create a new Bubble page with type file-page and something on the page to display it.

Thank you, but I already have automatic pages setup and working. I’m simply trying to show the images on one of these existing automatically created pages.

What are the attributes in your newly created database records for your files?

I’ve tried it as File and List of Files. Which one should be correct?

Assuming they’re a file that’s fine. One record in your new table with a file in the attribute.

What’s the name of your “thing” and is your page set to be that type?

What do you want to do with your file? Is it an image?

Actually you already said it’s an image.

On your new page, put an image component, with its dynamic source of this pages’s (thing name)’s file’s URL

You have a URL already, so you can make some dynamic html for a link to it to be able to download it.