Showing only thumbnail for a "Next/Previous" icons in RG?

I have a tinder/card style interface where I would like to display image thumbnails for next/previous buttons. I tried doing something like this

For some reason, I’m not able to do what would appear to be a fairly simple task.

Any ideas? Thanks!


You can achieve it doing this:

1. Add an Input (can be invisible) inside your repeating group. Type must be integer.

2. The Initial value of this input will be : current cell’s index + 1 because you need the next item of your list
(you can name this input like: Input Current Cell’s Index + 1 to easily remember what is doing this input)

3. Now you can use this input’s value to select the item number of your list and then pick the thumbnail of this next item.

Repeating Group INVENTORY ITEM’s List of INVENTORY ITEMs : item number Input Current Cell’s Index + 1 value’s IMAGE

The result will be

I created for the example only 3 users so the last will not have any next item, but you can set conditionals to hide this.

Whope it works.

Best wishes,


For some reason, the Current cell’s index is not changing when I move to next/prev items. I’m using a floating window, which displays 1 item at a time, I don’t know if that has something to do with it?

Hi, your repeating groups is fixed to 1 item? can you send me some pictures of the editor to understand better how you built it?

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