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Showing Popup one time after login?

Hi everyone, need help from you. the question is simple. I created a website in which user navigate to other page after login and the video popup appear, I only need to show Video popup one time after login.
But whenever I refresh the page the popup appear again.
I hope there must be a solution for it.

Hi there, @munindersingh68… one way you can go on this one is to have a field on the User data type that specifies if the user has already seen the popup. So, if it’s a yes/no field and the default value is no, set the value to yes when the user sees the popup for the first time. Then, make sure you are only showing the popup to users who have a value of no in that field, and you’ll be good to go.

Hope this helps.


set the value to yes when the user sees the popup for the first time. Then, make sure you are only showing the popup to users who have a value of no in that field.

I did’nt get this point can you please explain this point?

The user has a way to dismiss the popup, right? Well, when they dismiss it, use a workflow action to make a change to the user, and the change to make is to set that field to yes. Then, add a condition to the workflow event that shows the popup that says to show the popup only when the user’s field is no.

You can add a checkbox on the popup “do not show this popup again” this way the user can decide if he wants to see popup again or not.

The checkbox should be attached to a field (autobinded maybe). Field would be a yes/no field called something like 'hide-popup-on-login" with a dafault of NO. Then when they tick it, it changes it to yes.

Add workflow condition to only show the popup on login, if hide-popup-on-login field is no.

Hope that helps

Yes, it has a way to dismiss it. I tried the same thing you mention above, but it did’nt work.

Share some screenshots of what you did or share a link to your editor because just saying it didn’t work isn’t useful at all.

Remove the Only when condition in that screenshot and put that same condition on the workflow event that triggers the popup to show when the page is loaded.

I tried to login but the popup did’nt appear at all.

Was the user’s field set to no? Try changing the condition to the field being set to no or the field being empty.

Yes, the user field is No.

I don’t understand why you’re using a User is logged in workflow event. I thought you said the popup shows up when the user navigates to a page after they log in.

I only want to make functionality that when a user logged in they navigate to a page and the popup appear only once and when they refresh the same page the popup shouldn’t apppear.

Put a Page is loaded workflow event on that page, and put the condition in your last screenshot on that event. Then, put the action to show the popup in that event.

Thanks for replying, But the popup contain video and it’s size contains entire screen.
I think the checkbox is not fit in that popup.

I have to removed the older workflow or not?

Yes, I would remove the other workflow.

I used the same workflow that I send you on last screenshot but popup did’nt appear after login.

Use the debugger to try to figure out why it’s not working or share a link to your editor.