Showing Result ONLY at the end of a multi-step form


I have a 3 step form, with 1 question in each step and only a yes/no option for each question.

If the user answers NO to any of the questions, even on question #1, I want to show them a sign up page ONLY at the end of the form so the user will need to go through the rest of the questions.

How can I do this?


Hey @rocketturtles.creativ :wave:

You will keep a single custom state called show sign up of type yes/no with default no. All the NO buttons will have a workflow to change this custom state to yes. And at the end, you will just show or redirect to sign up page if this custom state is yes.

For more about custom states: Custom states | Bubble Docs

I hope this helps.

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Thanks! I appreciate your help. I’ll try doing that.

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