Showing unique results only in Searchbox

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to show only unique results when a user types in a searchbox. For example the following screenshot shows 4 of the same entries where I would like only 1 to be shown:


Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you :pray:

How have you set up the search box element?

It’s similar to here: Slideablemenuerror | Bubble Editor (ignore the app name)

Would need a screenshot of your own set up in the element :slight_smile:

Hi, it is exactly the same, just different names for data and fields:

Hey, @mihira,

You can change the maximum entries to show to 1 :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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Hey @hacker I could do this as a halfway solution, thank you, but this means that no other partial matches are shown which is a problem.

Hey there @mihira,

This is probably one of the crappier things with the searchbox not being able to filter out unique items like you could in repeating groups. My suggestion is honestly probably running a recursive workflow to delete the duplicates, then moving forward, where ever the entries are being created, do a check to make sure it’s not in use already.

Hi @johnny, unfortunately I need those records. The field I’m searching by is used to categorise those records, and the searchbox is used to show which categories already exist so the user can select one without creating a new category.

I’m hanging in until bubble support gets back to me, hopefully, this gets taken up as a feature request.

Hey @mihira,

Ooh I see.

P.S. You can always submit a feature request on the ideaboard here.

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Running into this issue as well. Wondering if anyone had a workaround.