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Shrinking RG responsive Beta


I am looking for a way to change the behaviour of a repeating group. I would like the repeating group to shrink in size as the screen size gets smaller so that all the items are always on display. Is this something which is possible with the new responsive beta (which I am currently using).

I also do not want a scroll bar (as one won’t be necessary as the element shrinks). As a result, if there are too many entries on the RG that a scroll is necessary I would also like the element to shrink in order to show all the items on one page.

Is this at all possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mat, it’s more than possible.
Try to respect the order with parent element and set the repeating group as follow :
Min Width 320 Max inf
For your group inside the RG ;
Row / left align
Then play with min width / max width …
Hope it’s can help you


Thanks for your reply.

I can’t seem to get what you’re saying to work - would you be able to explain in more detail? Every time I shrink the RG the scrollbar is coming up and the RG is repeating within the width rather than shrinking to show all the items across the entire page.