🗺 Shuffl Maps: Create, collaborate and share your favorite places (All built with @bubble)

Hey fellow @bubbler’s!

Wanted to share another project we’re working on called Shuffl Maps. It’s a platform to easily spin up new emoji-filled, interactive maps. Users can create new personal maps for themselves, or you can invite people to collaborate on a new group map. Uses cases are as varied as keeping track of and sharing your favorite restaurants/bars/activities in a new city, to setting up a map of garage sales in your township, to collecting travel recommendations from friends.

Here are a few screenshots of the platform (all built entirely with Bubble):

We’re very interested in any and all feedback!! Thoughts on what we’ve build, any issues you run into or any features you think would be interesting to add to the platform → Email: hello@shufflmaps.com

https://shufflmaps.com to create an account

Happy Bubbling!

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