Sign in issue with new users

Anyone is having problems signing in new users?

If I try to sign in it doesn’t work anymore… It worked until yesterday…

When a new user sign in I see it in the data-base, but the user can’t log in and the browser can’t open saying that my url is redirecting too many times (any browser, desktop and mobile)

I also noticed some strange behaviours, i.e. the app displays a popup instead of navigating to a different internal page and after a few attempts finally does the right workflow

Any idea anyone?

I also looked for issue in he server logs, but everything seems to work right on that side…:confused:

Quick update, just in case anyone finds himself in the same situation…

I had to remove from all pages (not only the confimation page but EVERY PAGE) a simple workflow that I made: on page load and when current user isn’t logged in > go to internal page “x”. Now everything works

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