Sign in/ sign up code

Hi guys,

I want to have a sign up/ sign in experience without a password, only with a code that will be on your email.

When a user signs up, a code will be sent to his email and then have to enter the code in another field. And when a user signs in, it can remember the email and stay logged in, but if the user has been inactive for 7 days, log the user out. I need your help please.


Hi @hacker,

  1. You can sign the user up with a random password in the workflow.

  2. You can send a unique code to the user through email for the validation and sign up process

  3. On the sign up workflow, you can have it remember their email and stay logged in.

  4. On page load of the main page after log in, you can have a workflow to track activity and then force logout when it exceeds 7 days.

Hope that helps get it started, we have a tutorial on the sending unique code at Let me know if you have any questions…


Thanks, i will try. :slightly_smiling_face:

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