with Ethereum

I’d like to be able to have users of my web app sign-in with Ethereum using their Ethereum Wallet.
Ideally this would be provided as a bubble plug-in and make it easier for new web3 apps/projects to be built. I’ve seen existing plug-ins that enable connecting a wallet but none that implement this standardized authentication method as a way to sign-in a user and establish a session based on that sign-in.

More info on the standard can be found at:

Sample implementations can be found at:


This would definitely make building of web3 apps easier, would love to see this plugin.

Web3 & Metamask is helpful but does not support Sign-In with Ethereum. Would be a helpful addition.

Agree this would be a great addition to Bubble.

I’ve used the existing plugin, which is great for obtaining the current Eth address from MetaMask, but I don’t think it actually validates the signature on the server side to be able to use in an auth assertion?

Ideally this capability would natively integrate with the Bubble user system, which currently seems to assume auth will be either username/password or oauth.

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