"sign the user up only when" condition

Hello everyone,

I am kind of new to bubble…
I am building my website and in my sign-up page, I have this workflow that signs the user up only when the user’s nickname is not duplicated.

So this is what I set up for workflow when ‘sign up’ button is clicked.
It doesn’t filter out an user who has duplicated nickname. Could anyone possibly point out what I missed? Thank you in advance!


Most likely privacy rules.

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I think so too , in your case just change the username to be visible to other users. For privacy rules need cases here is what to do create api workflow on backend called , check_username , post username-text, ignore privacy rules and search for user’s that has that username on backend after that return result exists yes/no if doesn’t exists create account if no display error message in signup tab.

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Ahhh thanks!