Sign the user up, using Current User in email body, still doesnt work

Hi Bubblers!

I am troubled with getting this to work. I am referencing current user in my email body but it still doesn’t merge in the fields.

Do you know if Privacy Rules plays a factor here? If so, how should it be set up?

This is the email I keep getting, the values are there in the tables so im not sure what im doing wrong…


So shortly after posting this, I partially figured it out. The culprit was the ‘Do not apply SendGrid template’ option. I still would like to learn how to use it. I found a topic where someone was experiencing the same issue but it isn’t clear as to what the resolution was…

I attempted using Copilots sendgrid plugin but for whatever reason, it would never work, so I had to refer back to the original send email action.

Hey Mate

Its the condition on step 3 “sign the user up” the same as step 4 "send email"s condition?

If not the issue could be the user isn’t being signed up, but the email is being sent

Otherwise, could you use the inputs value (input user first name, and input temp password) instead of “current users first name”?

I also see are having issues with Copiolits plugin, I have a lot of experience with that, so I can help you set up that plugin and fix the issue with values not working in the email, if you want to book a call here

Bodie Bloore

So they both carry the same condition where the terms and condition checkbox needs to be checked, so that doesnt apply.

I generate a random string and story it to a custom state, then update it to a temp password field so that I can pull it into an email.

Im thinking your way might work…

Would love to get on a call but I assume charges apply :face_in_clouds:

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