Sign Up button not clickable on mobile (iOS and Android)

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Today is my first day trying out Bubble after went through Bootcamps and some video tutorial. Manage do a simple home page and sign up page… However it seems my “Sign Up” button is not clickable on mobile… I look through a couple of forums and can’t find any solution to this. Here’s the recording to show the screen behavior on desktop vs mobile… I tried on iOS and Android, both have the same issue.

Desktop (OK) - Screencastify
Mobile (iOS, not OK) - RPReplay_Final1682246569.MP4 - Google Drive


The Signup Button works just fine on mobile (i.e. it adds the path ‘mobile’ to the URL…

The issue is that that path isn’t doing anything.

It’s impossible to guess why that is without knowing exactly what you’re doing and how.

So at the very least some screenshots of your workflows and page conditions might give some clues… or better yet a link to your editor.

Dear @adamhholmes

Thank you so much for the prompt reply… I’ve modified the application rights to “Everyone can Edit” as I’m not sure which screen shot I should provide… The URL as follow;

Thank you so much in advance.

Ok, I’ve taken a look at your app…

(I don’t understand why you’ve got a content-type of User on your mobile page, nor why you’re getting a User from the path of the index page and passing it to the mobile page… what are you trying to do with all of that? it doesn’t make any sense to me)…

But in any case, the issue here is simple…

You’ve set the Index page as the mobile version of your Mobile page.

In other words, anyone visiting your Mobile page on a mobile device is being automatically redirected to your Index page.

I don’t know if that’s your intention… if it is then it’s behaving exactly as expected.

If it’s not, then you just need to change that.

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Thank you @adamhholmes your solution works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: