Sign up/Login API workflows - Empty token received

Hello Bubblers,

This is my first post on the forum, so don’t hesitate to tell me if the presentation of this post is not good :slight_smile:

I have created a SignUp/Login API workflow in order to get the user token.
This way I could perform API data calls on behalf of this logged in user (for a data migration process).

Here is a screenshot of the documentation :

And here is my result :

As you can see, the API workflow has been triggered.
The responses includes the user_id, the token, and the expires data.
But the token is empty…

I don’t know what I am missing. Does anybody have ideas about this weird behaviour ?
I must precise that I have the “Hobby” application plan, so I don’t pay anything to run my app so far.

Thank you for your responses !
Arnaud B.

Hi @arnaud.brun.vidal,

Have you enabled the Data API?

Hello @sudsy !

Yes, all my APIs are enabled (both workflows, and Data)
User DataType is also checked in the Data API settings

I can’t reproduce the issue. Seems to work as expected for me…

Are you hitting your live or dev endpoint?

Thank you for the reproduction !
This means that I’m not facing a Bubble bug and problems lies in my configuration of the call :smiley:

I am testing against the dev endpoint.

OK, I figured this out !

I was attempting this call with Insomnia software.
And insomnia for a reason I ignore, clears the token value.
A classic CURL request with the same data send back the expected token.

Thank you for your time @sudsy !

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Glad you won’t be losing any sleep over it. :wink:

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