Sign up / login errors

I am not using a signup button or function but I keep getting these errors preventing me from publishing, can someone please tell me what I need to do to get rid of these?

click the messages…when you are automatically brought to the page in the app labeled on the message ( the grey page name ) it will highlight the element in question or the workflow action in question ( the dark colored message part such as “Input Email” or “Log the user in”

From there you should be in a good position to read the message again, see your set up and figure out what to do.

Sometimes it took me a while to figure them out but I eventually fixed the issues.

In regards to some specific ones, -is not a possible option

This is usually if you had workflows in a “folder” and later deleted the folder or copied workflows from another page…the folders don’t copy over

But it doesn’t matter what the issues to fix are, if they are present you can’t publish to live

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