Sign-up pages from index and multiple pages

Hi peeps I have created the sign-up page using multiple pages from the index links but when I logout to return back to the index-page, the login credentials are lost. And I couldn’t login again. Could you please assist

Can you share any more info. That’s not a lot to go on unfortunately.

On my index page I have created images for user make a choice and this images links other pages and I have create sign-up page with e-mail & password to login in order to reveal contents of this pages. However every time when I signup with e-mail & password as new user I can login from the linked pages BUT as soon as I clicked logout to return back to main page(index page). I’m unable to login again when I use the previously registered login details. It returns the message to say the e-mail not included or password not included.

My idea is to have have users signup to a specific “choice” and have access only to that specific option.

Is the user created in the User-data table? If so, the problem may be in your login workflow. Are the right fields given to process the Log the user in workflow? Perhaps you could share a screenshot from your signup and login workflows

Yes - definitely sounds like a login workflow issue - i.e. not creating the user properly.

No I did not create a table for the input fields. Check the workflow above
and other linked pages have the similar workflows. But when select logout and going back to index page, the information is lost and I can’t login again.