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Sign-up Sheet Functionality?

I’m creating an app that:

  • Alllows users to sign up for a specific event with a limited # of seats
  • Each user will input an item they are bringing to the specific event; other users that also register for that event should be able to see what that item is
  • Users can only sign up for 4 events within a 30 day period
  • Users should not be allowed to sign-up for an event if another already registered user of that event (first come first serve basis) has ever been in an event with that user’s item, regardless of the user that brought that item

I’m struggling with how I need to structure my to get this to work properly.

What bit of this is giving you the most trouble ?

It should all be doable in Bubble.

Looks like you would want an Event data type, which would have a list of users and when they signed up. It would also need a counter of signups.

To do the “signup date” based calculation (let’s leave the actual mechanics of that for now) you will need to be able to record the date they signed up, so you would could have a data type of “Sign Up” that has User and SignUpDate on it as well as the Item they are bringing.


Thanks, I believe I understand the concept, but the actual execution is throwing me off.

So let me elaborate on the problems I’m running into.

I have data populated my Events data type with 4 fields: Time Slot (text), ListofItems (list of texts), ListofParticipants (list of texts), MemberCount (number).

The first issue I’m running into is dynamically populating the dropdown in my form. I can’t seem to get it to properly display my manually pre-entered entries for TimeSlots.

Secondly, I how do increase the member count of a time slot once someone has joined? Hopefully, if I can get these 2 basic things figured out, it should get me through the main hurdles of this project.

Thanks for you help!

Take a look at this… it might help…

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