Sign up with Google/Facebook using Canvas framework


I am trying to build my first app using bubble and the Canvas framework. I want my users to be able to login/sign up using Google or Facebook. So far my workflow looks like this:

  1. When the button sign up with Google is clicked:
  2. This is what the ‘signup - social’ workflow looks like:
  3. And this is how the ‘sign up 5 -complete user signup’ workflow looks like:

When I test it, i get redirected to google signup, and then I am redirected to the account page but for just a couple of seconds because then it redirects me to my index page. When I am on the index page, it seems like I am logged out as I again have the ‘log in’ and ‘sign up’ buttons in the header. I have a different header for when a user is logged in. So my question is how do I make it so that it doesn’t redirect me to the index page and I remain logged in?
Thanks in advance!