Sign up workflow involving creating new data

Hello Bubblers!

Often you see an app which allows anyone to engage with the app first without signing up (like create content etc) then let them create an account to save the data. In my app I want to do the same. But the flow isn’t working somehow.

here is my workflow:

  1. Use States to tempory store data before user sign up (use reusable group)
  2. Then let user create an account
  3. As the user now logged in, store the temporary data in the database (Only when user completed the sign up)

I tried different ways but the step 3 isn’t activated
I’m suspecting that the flow get disconnected as the log in happens in a seperated workflow, maybe…

Here is my editor: Asko | Bubble Editor

To test the flow, click one of repeating group and click the blue button “Answer this request”.


It would be great if you shar your thoughts.

Hi @ohyoonkwn !

Lots of stuff going on. I tried navigating from an iPad with no success on anything reacting to pressing page objects, but did take a quick peek at your workflows.

Bubble allows you to store unsigned users data up to three days. This means that you could experiment with how things could work if you saved to current users fields. Do make use of if “logged in” or “logged out” conditions.

You can also continue along the customs states route as well. It is just too much stuff going on inside your logic to be able to comment adequately.

Good luck with your project!

Hi @cmarchan

Thanks for your thought! I solved it by separating out the sign up/ sign in workflow.


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