[🐝 Signature Pad | #draw #paint] Changed color of signature and plugin crushed

This is a support request regarding the plugin [Plugin Name] - @vnihoul77

Your plugin worked well till today when all I did was (as far as I know) change the color of the pen.

Now I can’t sign and the errors say:

Bug in custom code TypeError: Failed to execute ‘getImageData’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: Value is not of type ‘long’.
at crop (PLUGIN_1657121641232x576545699923755000/----Signature-Pad----draw–paint-update------Signature-input-.js:42:34)
at export_pic (PLUGIN_1657121641232x576545699923755000/----Signature-Pad----draw–paint-update------Signature-input-.js:54:50)
at push (PLUGIN_1657121641232x576545699923755000/----Signature-Pad----draw–paint-update------Signature-input-.js:68:37)
at root (PLUGIN_1657121641232x576545699923755000/----Signature-Pad----draw–paint-update------Signature-input-.js:42:34)

Changed the color back to #00000 (black) and works instantly. ?!

Interesting! Did you use one the colours from the new Bubble colour variable style?
I know that they something generates issues with plugins, if that’s the case, try using the same colour by putting the colour code instead of picking the colour from the variable palette.

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You are right. I used the “color variables” for a fast-click.

Made it manually and it’s fixed.

So just don’t click the “color variables” below, use a HEX:

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@kathleen @sravani
It would be interesting to take a closer look at this, as we’ve noticed this among lots of plugins.

Happy that it helped @ariel.constantinof !

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