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Signature pad example

And now it’s working again. Weird.

Nearly all plugins were down 12 hours ago.

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This is SUPER confusing. Great idea though. I just can’t seem to implement this correctly.

Is this still working? how can I use it?

Hello, maybe you can help me. I have problems to save the Signature with a workflow.
It works with the own Save-Button but i don’t want to use it.

i’ve tried several things but maybe you can show me the way how it works.

edit: the image of the signature is saved in files, but the url isn’t inside the database field where eit should be…

Plugin down I think ?

Hey, I had the same problem but I think i’ve found the solution.

You need 2 things :

  • A workflow to save the Pad itself.
  • And a workflow to save it to your database.

In my case, I have a worfklow doing this :

  • When a button is pressed > Save a Signature Pad (found in “Element Actions”).

Then, you create another separate event :

  • WHEN a Signature Pad is Saved (found in “Elements”) > Create a new Signature and set the image field to “This SignaturePad’s Image url”

Hope that helps ! :slight_smile:

Salut à tous!

J’ai trouve la solutions dans mon cas !

Repeating Groupe et Elements

Créer un nouveau element (signature pad is saved)
Créer une fonction pour sauvegarder la signature sur la base de donées

Bouton Sauvegarder
Sauvegarder la signature
Effacer la signature


J’espère que ça va vous aider!



I want to try it but I get an issue, I cannot draw anything and I get an error message :

Do you encounter the same issue ?


WOW, over a year later no response and the issue still exists. I think I’ll skip this one.

Hey guys, for the ones still looking for a reliable solution, we just released this plugin:

:honeybee: Well maintained and documented by Plugbee.

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@mday849 - would you be willing to share what your workflow looks like? I’m still not able to save the signature into my database.


Is this plugin still supported?

Hello everyone! Hope you are well.

Anybody knows how can I change buttons color in this element ?
Thanks in advance!

Hello guys.

Hav any of you tried to make an HTML iframe with a letter or report template and then open a signature or box on top the iframe exactly above the template, and then the user could edit it and paste it insisde de letter preview?

Basically like editable pdf. I know this might be posible with boxes outside the HTML element and the insert them into them, but i keep imagining that maybe by using a floating group above the HTML this could be done? Any thoughts on how to do this?

Thank you