Signing up- need help with this

I have 3 user groups created in an option set. The sign up page has a Repeating group pulling these user types form the database to present to a user signing up.

When a user chooses one user group, how do I sign them up? I have tried creating a custom state as a list and setting the user type in the workflow as the last item in that custom list but the database entry is just the last entry on the Repeating group.

Hi there, @kingalready13… I’m not sure I completely followed your post, but couldn’t you show the options from the option set in a dropdown and then set the user’s group to the dropdown’s value when you sign the user up?


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If I understand your question correctly, you’re using an option set (of User Groups) to populate a RG, and your User can select one of the Groups from the RG as part of the sign up process…

So, when they click one of the groups in the RG you need to set a Custom state somewhere (not a list) to hold that User Group, and then simply refer to that custom state value in your sign up workflow…

Or, as @mikeloc suggests, if you use a dropdown (which is probably a simpler and more familiar UX for most people) you can simply refer to the value of that, so need to complicate things with additional custom states.


Thanks… I found a way around it

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Thank you. I worked it out… grateful

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