Signing up to newsletter but really as a user

I want to give users the ability to sign up for the newsletter.
But all news-letter emails are actually in my bubble database.
Best thing would be if they just would create a user with a password.
But that’s a bigger step and just signing up for the newsletter by leaving their email without password is a smaller step I want to offer them.

Is it wise and good practice to letting them sign up with email but no password, I assign them a password and newsLetterOnly = yes.

Then if they come back and want to signup as a proper user I could…
When signing up…
If email is already in database AND newsLetterOnly = yes.

  • show popup with something like “Great, you’re already in our system, check your email and confirm your new password from there”
  • Send set new password email to user

I can’t really see any risk to all of this. I’ve tried searching on the forum but can’t really find anything.

Are there are potential pitfalls later down the line with this approach? Any pros and cons?
Thank you.