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Signup/Login - Workflow Navigating to Wrong Page?

My app is navigating to the wrong page after a user signs up. I don’t see anything in the logs saying there’s an error or anything like that. Logs show the e-mail sending, but don’t show the page navigation.

Any ideas?

Hey Jeff!
The logs won’t show the page navigation so that’s not concerning.
I would personally use the frontend debugger to see what the workflow’s show as to where it’s sending you.

If you want help I’d need to be able to see your editor.


Thanks Alex. So oddly it’s not doing it on a desktop browser (thanks for the tip on debug mode) but is on a mobile device. For whatever reason, my mobile won’t accept setting debug mode…. Is there a trick to that?

Solved it… My first step above “when user is logged in” was directing the user to a different page. Seems that event was sometimes getting picked up and sometimes not. Anyways, removed and all good now!

Awesome! Happy you were able to find a solution :raised_hands:

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