Signup mandatory field bypass issue with Facebook Tracking code

Hi Community members,

Facing a weird issue & need urgent help. The marketing guy is running facebook/IG campaign for (made on We added a tracking link provided on the web app page and since then users are able to bypass the usual signup process/workflow ( CUET ) where fields Class & Mobile number are mandatory to signup.

We still want to keep it mandatory. Do we need to alter the script? What should be done so that the user signs up only through the SIGN UP Page. The scripts added are as follows:

Verify this domain by copying and pasting the provided meta-tag code into the section of your website’s home page HTML code.

Copy and paste the pixel code into the bottom of the header section of your site, just above the tag . Install the base code on every page of your website.

<img height=“1” width=“1” style=“display:none”

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