Signup User Action Improvement

I’ve seen and used advice from a couple of threads regarding the signup user workflow and even though some of the advice helped, I still see the result inconsistently and think the signup workflow could get some upgrade.

Our use case is bulk sign up from backend workflows, because our users are imported from a primary system, and our bubble app is a secondary system connecting users via an SSO.

The issues we’re finding are basically:

  1. The entire workflow aborts when the signup action is fails.
  2. We need to process the user further post-signup.

For the first one we have not choice but to continuously reboot the workflow. It’s time consuming. We’re importing 20,000 users and the failures are quite common.
For the second one we’re using the “current user” after sign up which should be the user that was just signed up, but from the use of workflows to create logs (log as things) we can see it’s not working consistently. Perhaps because the signup action is too slow and isn’t completed before the log happens.


  • The signup action (and potentially the login and change password action too) would benefit from a “result from previous action” option which is now impossible to capture in following actions.
  • Another upgrade would be some option to handle failure to create the user. i.e. create some log, or keep some data to show the state of the process for that user creation.
  • Finally an option to continue the workflow even if the user fails to create would be nice so we don’t have to interrupt the work each time the action stumbles.

Thank you for considering.