Signup works, login does not ONLY on mobile

One problem after another, oh well …

I’m using the standard Signup/Login form. It works fine on the computer.

On the phone, Signup works but Login does not. After clicking “Log In” the page appears to start loading very slowly … and never finishes.

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: By the way, I removed all references to “Mobile Version” in the page properties (which was causing other problems).

EDIT: Fixed. In the Login workflow there is a property “Remember the Email” that was blank. I put in “yes” because the Remember Me functionality was not working. When I removed the “Yes” from that property, Login started working again.

Hello again @1984labrat :slight_smile: Login should work with the Remember Me functionality. I can take a look at the editor if that helps!

@fayewatson, here is a link to my editor.

Hmm, everything did work for sign up and login when I tested in dev and live mode. I added the remember me value for dev mode and it worked there again as well.

If you go to this page and try to log in on your phone, does it appear to load slowly again? Are you testing this in a mobile browser or with Bubble’s native app tester?

@fayewatson, it is back to the old (broken) behavior. I accessed on my phone to login. Though I have logged in repeatedly before, the site gives no indication of remembering me and it now fails to load. It sits indefinitely on the Login page.

Got it, sorry we couldn’t get it working! I would file a bug report about this if you can:

Any updates to this issue? I am having the same problem.

I believe I’m getting the same issue. I am able to login if I switch to incognito.