Simple 2-dimensional report


So need your help before I can start to launch my product based on a few two-dimensional* reports.
*two-dimensional means that the report calculates the data by two different dimensions at the time (by months and by good categories in my example) - maybe there is more appropriate term to this

So, here is the case:

  1. There is a set of sales transactions, each of which contains:
  • transaction date
  • good sold (each good has its own category)
  • value of good sold
  1. So, I need a report that will show me:
  • value of goods sold by months (X) and by good categories (Y)

And for item 2 I did (using two repeatable groups):

  • already get the month grouping (and even got sums of goods sold for every that month) at the (X)
  • got the categories (Y)
  • tried to paste some numbers or just the dates (that should be aligned with the main repeating group) - but here I can’t manage that data to work right

    Now as, you can see, the numbers now are showing only the totals for every category (but not splitter by months)

And I don’t understand what to do next(((

Additional data:

  1. In the first repeating group I use search for the transactions grouped by date (aggregating the sums of goods sold value)
  2. In the second repeating group now I’m using search for the categories - just for display them, but here I understand that I’m doing something wrong - I need to base the data on the first RG (because I need to get only filtered value sums by months in RG 1), but I can’t manage it right way - please help

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