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Simple address book with editable entries

Hi, beginner here, just working through the tutorials. I have a particular app I want to make, and once I have this simple process figured out the rest should fall in to place.

By combining the basic tutorials and the videos “Saving stuff on the server” and the follow-on “Displaying data in a repeating group” I’ve bodged together this, which displays data well enough.

What I’d like to be able to do is click on one of the entries displayed in the repeating group to have it repopulate the form at the top, and then any changes I make to the data in the form overwrite the existing data once I click the Save button.

Would any kind person point me in the right direction?


Also, happy new year and stuff.

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Happy New Year to you too, and many thanks for the reply. I apologise if it’s a commonly asked question, I did search before posting, perhaps in my inexperience I used the wrong keywords? Anyway, thanks for the video, I’ll have a look and see if it does what I need :smiley:

I’m not throwing shade, I’m just pointing out this is the answer u seek.

Thanks, I didn’t take it that way :slight_smile:

However, the auto-bind technique is too powerful and potentially destructive for my users, I’m looking for a workflow that needs an ‘Are you sure? OK/Cancel’ check before overwriting the database content. Thanks anyway!

Watch video. Learn.

Yes I did thanks Keith, and a lot of it was useful. However there didn’t seem to be any mention of how to overwrite field data without using auto-bind. I believe I’m looking for help with workflow/make changes to, but the syntax confuses me. I’ll watch again and see if I’ve missed anything.

For anyone else with this issue, I found this helpful too:

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