Simple app needed

Looking to get some help making this small app. I print t-shirts for a living so i’m looking to make a quick app to calculate costs associated with an invoice.

Essentially when I search an invoice number it hits my accounting software api and returns the items on that invoice below in a repeating group. The data I don’t have available is “cost” or green. I need to somehow look that up via my suppliers api, or have an excel file be my database to look up the item # (blue) and grab the cost of that item to display within the repeating group.
Clear as mud? lol

This should be a quick dev. Two separate calcs: one is an inline lookup against a ref source (*) and the second is a calc on an array as pulled from the same ref source to provide the total.

(*) You can’t just have an excel as a ref source however. It’ll need to be an air table that manually keep up, option sets within Bubble (nightmare, but they do have version control so that’s a plus), or a backend page for you to keep up the table with data autobinding on what would appear to be Excel-like (displayed in whole if 1500 or less items, or paginated if more). Or, custom API’s to your supplier(s), but the call rate could be high depending on how often users hit this page.

If the call rate is high, then keeping an internal table and having a rotational process to update your costs-by-item once per day via recursive API would be your answer, to keep the rate limit in check.

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Thx for the response. Issue I’m having is my supplier uses soap and bubble can’t connect to it because it requires a static ip. Then my excel sheet has 318k lines in it which is a whole other hurdle

Yep, 318K is not manageable manually ha. So my suggestion is to cloud host the DB and a small wedge program to keep it up to date on a scheduled basis. Then Bubble app uses Data API to connect and retrieve values from that intermediate cloud DB on demand. Bonus to this is you can easily backup/export the cloud DB. Downside is you’ll need a dedicated cloud instance w/ static IP to fire the lightweight SOAP DB-update calls. Extra work, but cost won’t be much.

I’ll let the devs with time take it from here. Best of luck!

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If you are still looking out for someone to help you build this out, I would be interested as this is well within my area of expertise.
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