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Simple branching logic in workflows

Quite commonly in workflows I want to write

“When a then do c then if b then do d”

I end up translating this to

Workflow 1: “When a and b then c then do d”
Workflow 2: “When a then do c”

where c and d are each a series of actions.

However this means duplicating the “c” series of actions in both, meaning i need to update both of them whenever i change my functionality. This sort of duplication is dangerous as I can forget to update one set of actions when I need to change something.

It would be nice for actions themselves to take an optional “when” clause, so I can have all the actions in a single workflow.

I can simulate my desired behaviour by creating custom events with when properties, so it looks something like

Workflow 1: “When a and b then do d then trigger custom event do-c”
Workflow 2: “When a then trigger custom event do-c”
Workflow custom event “do-c”: “c”

But this is messy and becomes very messy with more branching.

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