Simple (but pragmatic) loop function request

Hey bubbly freaks.

I love bubble as you love it except methodology of looping.

Let’s kindly ask together the bubble development team to imply the looping function (like for/while with variable evaluation) of workflow without using API in such an eccentric way :crazy_face: The “When - 5-second looping” is also not a really straightforward methodology.

Easy programming solution is Bubble’s spirit, isn’t it?

I guess looping has a risk of infinity execution and I agree with the worries, then maybe bubble can offer us some sort of slightly limited version of the looping function?

I believe software without looping is the same as a pancake without syrup, sushi without wasabi, Trump without hair, and Biden without dental implants. We can still manage without it but something is wrong with the way.

Let’s make it happen!


Yeah man. The rest of us are thinking the same thing