Simple changes to my app create tons of errors every time, yet they aren't even errors. Clicking them makes them just resolve/disappear

I’ve been having an issue for the past few weeks, where I’ll go into the editor and I’ll create a new blank page for example and will drop an element on it, but then the editor will immediately say “39 errors” at the top. I click it, and the popup will show “39 errors to fix” however, clicking any of them takes me to the field with the problem on a totally random page I haven’t even touched in months, yet there’s nothing wrong, and that error immediately disappears. Like it will say something like “ABC field should be TEXT but right now it’s NUMBER” but you click it, and it IS set to Text not Number and then the error disappears. So I have to go through clicking 39 errors to clear them all. I’m then good for a few days and then I’ll log into the editor to make a quick change on another page, and boom 45 errors none of which are even valid. You click one and again it immediately is gone.

What can I check here as it’s honestly preventing me from even building anything anymore. Even when a user asks I add a value to a dropdown I dread having to do that as it almost always creates a ton of errors on an unrelated page.

Here’s an example:


You click that error and it goes here:

And then the error instantly disappears on the list of errors.

I have to go through all 39 clicking them, having it load the respective page and then the error disappears. Then I’m good for a couple days and then I’ll make some change somewhere and back to a million errors I have to all clear before I can publish the site.

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